12 tips to stop an ibs flare-up
12 powerful tips to understand irritable bowel syndrome triggers, control IBS flare-ups and manage diarrhea, bloating, and gut pain
Unpredictable IBS flare-ups can arise from triggers like hormones, diet, or even noise pollution!!
What do arsenic, intense exercise and late dinners have to do with intestinal disaccharidase deficiency?
IBS, lactase deficiency, or the lesser-known disaccharidase deficiency causing your gastrointestinal symptoms?
C-section may increase your infant’s risk of developing allergies and asthma! How a baby’s birth method can shape their health
Early life stress and GABA deficiency link to the development of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), exacerbating IBS symptoms and disrupting intestinal health
Breastfeeding and formula feeding affect the gut microbiota of the infant differently. Discover how breast milk fosters a healthy gut for life.
The link between gut microbiota, TMAO, and systemic sclerosis. Gastrointestinal involvement in scleroderma patients and other autoimmune diseases
Changes in gut microbiome prime the nervous system before Parkinson’s disease. New study reveals that gut bacteria may play a role in PD onset
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