Understanding and adhering to our evolutionary human specifications is required in order to restore healthy homeostasis and reverse pathology

About me
Medical consultant & precision diagnosis expert

Theodoros Prevedoros, affectionately dubbed a “biochemistry freak” by his colleagues and patients, received his MSc in biochemistry from 2003 in 2005). Since that time, working alongside gastroenterologists, peadiatricians, endocrinologists, gynecologists and other specialties he has supervised the treatment and follow-up of more than 4000 patients. As a result, Prevedoros has devised an algorithm which combines the framework of biochemical analyses with his years of experience to tease out the various root causes of seemingly identical symptoms.


Human homeostasis is not something that can be described in a textbook. It cannot even be defined properly because parts of its definition are still not known

It is the sum of all the trial-and-error procedures happening in the human ecosystem, and all the ecosystems before humans, that led to the concept of human life

Trying to heal a disordered homeostasis by giving supplements or medicines is not a viable option. Supplements and medicines are tools that work only when used properly and timely

The very first prerequisite for healing and curing a diseased state is the adherence to our evolutionary standards and respect to all the components that make us what we are;

A multi-system symbiotic multi-cellular machinery with the highest degree of sophistication known so far

Main experience
2007 - 2018
Scientific Director
Nutrilabs - Private Medical Company
I evaluated more than 3000 cases belonging to many specialties, with the main ones being gastroenterology, pediatrics and endocrinology. I collaborated with more than 25 doctors from all over Greece and Cyprus and more than 10 laboratories around the world while I trained doctors in the application of diagnostic data in clinical practice
2018 - present
Scientific Partner
Endotherapy - Private Medical Company
Now, in a purely clinical environment, I am improving the flows of counseling, while at the same time organizing projects in further areas, such as scientific seminars and the integration of genomics into daily medical practice.
Main education
1997 - 2002
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
First chemistry education and first contact with the wonderful world of biochemistry
2003 - 2005
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Two wonderful years full of experiments, radioactive reagents, presentations and lots of studying
Functional Medicine (FMU Certified)
Advanced Treatmnts (Saisei Mirai Clinic, Japan)
Pattern recognition
Diagnostic translation
Side Projects
Book translation
Crete University Press
Since reading books and writing articles has always been my hobby, during my university years I started as an amateur translator of mostly essays and clinical studies. In addition I authored original texts for colleagues at the university. This led to my official professional collaboration with the Crete University Press, publications of which already covered a large part of my library. I had the honor to be the main translator and part editor of 3 books that are still taught in the Department of Chemistry of the University of Athens, but also to work with great people.
McMurry, JOHN E., and Cengage Learning.
Polymer chemistry. CRC press, 2007.
Hiemenz, Paul C., and Timothy P. Lodge.
Environmental chemistry: fundamentals. Springer Science & Business Media, 2010.
Ibanez, Jorge G., et al.
Autism conferences
In the context of treating children with gastrointestinal and neurodevelopmental problems, the president of the World Pediatric Society approached me and asked me to make a presentation at the 10th conference of pediatric subspecialties, which I gladly accepted. My main presentation was “Intestinal microbiome: Evolutionary colonization, dysbiosis and its role in the manifestation of autism”. This presentation was received very well and I was asked to repeat it at the next pediatric conference in Cyprus.