biochemistry data mining

Solving cases using precision analysis

Identifying critical diagnostic clues among a multitude of irrelevant ones is the key to individualized treatment

What it takes
Human and machine mining on all biochemical data
4100 cases studies and counting….
Biochemistry, genetics and physiology combined
We are wired to listen to stories

The possibilities of applying Biochemistry Data Mining are endless and can reveal useful diagnostic evidence when common practices fail

Digestive Disorders
A thorough assessment of the complex interplay between the different components of the GI tract, from the mouth to the anus, is vital for accurate diagnosis and the selection of the most effective treatment
Innate, adaptive passive and humoral…. All kinds of molecules and cells interact to form the most complex system in nature. Even two identical immune responses may give different disease phenotypes
Infants, toddlers and teenagers have distinct metabolic features making their biochemistry unique in every way. Constant hormone fluctuations and evolving developmental stages should always be taken into account
Nausea, fatigue, migrating pain, symptoms that fluctuate according to the time of the day. All sorts of peculiar symptoms originate from a disorganized biochemical system
From conception until puberty there are constant dynamic interactions happening between our central nervous system and the environment, building and remodeling our perception of the world

The first book produced with the method of Biochemistry Data Mining.

Over 1400 Irritable Bowel Syndrome Cases analyzed and categorized into similar Case Studies according to the individual underlying cause. Almost all IBS cases fall into one of the 10 case studies described in detail in IBSyncrasy w including treatment and follow up

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With Theodoros' help I was able to overcome chronic fatigue and optimize (and be conscious of) my habits. My life quality has significantly (and sustainably) improved, while I also feel that I have a “coach”, someone to guide me and stay accountable to over the years. I couldn’t recommend his approach (and him) more.

Ioannou Adonis

My oldest son was suffering from severe eczema and food allergies. When we started our journey for healing, my kid was 3,5 years old. Experiencing bloody arms, legs and cheeks due to excessive itchiness was our everyday life. However, all this belongs to the past, as my kid has been eczema-free with smooth and clear skin for many years. Our cooperation did not stop but the opposite, my whole family receives treatment as precaution for good health and condition

Stavroula Papalexi

After being diagnosed with a serious GI problem that doctors told me there is no cure, I consulted MedCaseStudies, recommended by a friend. I cannot begin to express my gratitude as they truly saved me, and I've been living disease-free since

Elena Kefalogianni
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